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All of our Strategists here at [WYN] are well equipped with exceptional hands-on experience in business development and continuously educated on the latest tools and techniques used on the internet for optimization. We are passionate about our clients and helping them understand the importance of their social image and gaining more traction on LinkedIn. Below are the strategists that we have chosen specifically to help build our profiles with you. 

Rebekah Studer, SF - CA.


Becka Studer is a Seasoned Marketing Strategist that started her career in beautiful California. She earned her Bachelor of Science at Cal State University of San Marcos.

During her college career she studied communications where she was able to actively apply her studies with hands-on experience in her various entrepreneurial marketing positions. Becka obtained a unique skill set that would fast forward her understanding of business development and social image at an exceptional level. She is passionate to serve and inspire others in the business world. Her studies have prepared her to not only build intentional relationships and skillfully communicate, but has also given her a desire to motivate and encourage others.

Immersed in the Real Estate and Banking industry at the age of 19, there was a steep learning curve for her. With only retail experience under her belt, she identified early on the importance of brand awareness, social image, and articulating accurate messages to her audiences. Becka assisted Independent Realtors and Seasoned Real Estate groups with business development, campaign management, social media training, and stratigized targeted audiences. She supported and worked closely with some of Southern California's Top Loan Originators in the state. The strategies and ethics that were learned from these successful individuals laid a foundation for Becka to utilize for future endeavors.

Today, Becka Studer likes to refer to herself as the Bridge Builder. Though her degree wasn't in engineering, she has been successful in identifying the key components that BUILD everyday professionals business models that strengthen, support and restore pertinent goals.

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