About the Blogger

About the Blogger

My approach to marketing is TARGETED. Targeting your audience and truly speaking their language and approaching them in a way that relates is key. You have to take the sales out of SALES and get personable. You have to speak their language. You have to walk their walk.

"Let's build a profile that creates more opportunities and clients" 

About the Blog

Who should read this blog...

Aspiring professionals that wish to improve their online presence, obtain a better understanding of how you can grow your network and establish you and your brand through your LinkedIn profile. 

What's on this blog...

WITHIN YOUR NETWORK Blog is a resource for professionals to read and exchange ideas surrounding your "social image".

Why I created this blog...

My name is Becka Studer and I am an eager entrepreneur that started a consulting service where I advise professionals on their LinkedIn profiles and provide in-depth understanding of how you can maximize the #1 Largest Network of Professionals - Within Your Network. My passion has always been to help others define, create and build their business. Marketing and messaging can challenging so I provide tools that help you reach targeted audiences with the right message - Within Your Network. How do I do this exactly....?? Taking professionals unique ideas and dissecting it to find out what their ultimate goal is, providing a fresh perspective and creating a plan to achieve those goals are just some of the things that I help other professionals do.  I have over 8 years of working one-on-one, private trainings and corporate events and have been fortunate to have had a good amount of success with it.

The Power

The POWER of LinkedIn is underestimated by many professionals. It is my goal to encourage YOU  to improve and grow your professional network using this tool (My Blog). You have the POWER  to create visibility online with a click of your mouse. You have the POWER to create and establish credibility online. You have the POWER and ability to capitalize on your network and expand your professional horizon through an established LinkedIn Profile. Let's get started today...

Becka Studer

Within Your Network [WYN], CEO


"Let's build a profile that creates more opportunities and clients"