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We build profiles that create opportunities

Within Your Network [WYN] is an independent team that optimizes LinkedIn profiles for working professionals in the San Francisco, Bay Area. Our niche market of profiles surrounds the Real Estate, Banking and Financial Industries - but is not limited to. San Francisco's caliber of professionals are considered some of the top-tier and highly skilled individuals in their markets. It is essential that your social image parallels with your in-person presence.

What do your clients see when they look you up?

Did you know that 40% of LinkedIn users check LinkedIn on a daily bases?

Would you do business with yourself after seeing your profile and experience?

LinkedIn is one of THE TOP social media site that will directly grow your network, build your business, and most importantly capitalize your existing relationships - WITHIN YOUR NETWORK. With our proven track record, we have helped countless professionals improve their professional LinkedIn profiles, refocus their business models and capture new leads through our services.

Our Services provide consulting for your professional LinkedIn profile with a quick turn around. A typical ALL STAR profile takes an average skilled individual 6-10 hours to complete. How much is an hour of your time worth? Through our services, we can expedite this to an hour or less of your time with the same, if not better results. After completing our brief interview process, consider your profile already underway.

For our clients, we want to help create a profile that will be notable and impressive for anyone that searches you. LinkedIn is one of the TOP social media sites that professionals use. Don't ignore your social presence that is on the internet.  

Your Strategist

All of our Strategists here at [WYN] are well equipped with exceptional hands-on experience in business development and continuously educated on the latest tools and techniques used on the internet for optimization. We are passionate about our clients and helping them understand the importance of their social image and gaining more traction on LinkedIn. Below are the strategists that we have chosen specifically to help build our profiles with you. 

Rebekah Studer, CEO - Founder

Becka Studer is a Seasoned Marketing Strategist that started her career in beautiful California. She earned her Bachelor of Science at Cal State University of San Marcos.

During her college career she studied communications where she was able to actively apply her studies with hands-on experience in her various entrepreneurial marketing positions. Becka obtained a unique skill set that would fast forward her understanding of business development and social image at an exceptional level. She is passionate to serve and inspire others in the business world. Her studies have prepared her to not only build intentional relationships and skillfully communicate, but has also given her a desire to motivate and encourage others.

Immersed in the Real Estate and Banking industry at the age of 19, there was a steep learning curve for her. With only retail experience under her belt, she identified early on the importance of brand awareness, social image, and articulating accurate messages to her audiences. Becka assisted Independent Realtors and Seasoned Real Estate groups with business development, campaign management, social media training, and stratigized targeted audiences. She supported and worked closely with some of Southern California's Top Loan Originators in the state. The strategies and ethics that were learned from these successful individuals laid a foundation for Becka to utilize for future endeavors.

Today, Becka Studer likes to refer to herself as the Bridge Builder. Though her degree wasn't in engineering, she has been successful in identifying the key components that BUILD everyday professionals business models that strengthen, support and restore pertinent goals.

LinkedIn Profile

Lindsey Catlett, LinkedIn Optimizer

Lindsey Catlett is an Executive Recruiter at a boutique recruiting firm in the Bay Area. She graduated with honors from East Tennessee State University with her Bachelors in Accounting. 

She started her career in the Assurance practice in Big Four Public Accounting, where she gained hands on exposure to finance infrastructure in fast paced work environments with a high learning curve. She focused on the audits for tech, clean-tech, financial services, and life science companies. She has a mix of both public and private company experience, including a Pre-IPO client where she worked on the successful S-1 filing and road show. 

During her time in Public Accounting, she discovered a passion for recruiting and finding top talent to bring on board. She started on small projects volunteering for internal recruiting efforts and – after a successful stint – began owning larger recruiting projects. 

She has spent the last several years in agency recruiting for which has given her a deep understanding of the hiring market and what employers’ value when looking to fill internal positions. She has worked with a variety of teams and practice groups including Financial Services, Technology, Life Sciences, Retail, E-Commerce, and CPG. Coming from an accounting background, she believes an inquisitive nature and a hunger for data paired with a deep ethical foundation are critical for finding what drives both a company’s hiring appetite and an individual’s job search. 

She has a knack for employment branding, candidate experience, and structured interviewing and understands that taking the time to do a job the right way will result in a positive and expansive outcome.

LinkedIn Profile

What we believe. 

Synergyze - greek root

verb; to cooperate with another or others, esp. to remedy something

What SYNERGIZE means to us is to bring together all of your marketing efforts and integrate them with today's latest trends of technology. There are so any ways and techniques to do this. Synergizing takes a creative mind. It takes a person outside of your business to provide that true outsider perspective. The brand that you have created for yourself within your network represents an impeccable amount of value that has yet been untouched. [WYN] takes the brand and remedies a refined social image for its working professionals on the world largest professional network - LINKEDIN. 

Optimize- Latin root

verb; to make as effective, perfect, or useful as possible.                

What OPTIMIZE means to us is to use key words that relate to your business, that will attract your future clients, and present YOU in the best, professional manner. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is now in our daily actives, personal and professional. By using our smartphones and tablets, key words and specific descriptions now can lead you to exactly what you are looking for. Same goes for when someone is looking for you or your services. [WYN] takes your specialties and applies your personal key words in a strategic way to your LinkedIn Profile that will increase visibility and extend your network.

Collaborating with Becka has been a positive and inspiring experience. Her energy is contagious and her understanding of marketing and understanding your needs is. Becka is extremely professional, reliable, and works very quickly. I’d hire her in a second!
— Ashley B.